Mass Actions

The user has the option to take actions on the plotted records like adding to route or executing the workflow on selected records in the grid. Defined mass actions are as follows:

Add To Route: This option will add selected data points to the route. The user can add at max 25 data points to the route

Save Data: The selected records can be saved as static Marketing List or Personal View in Dynamics CRM

Change Owner: The user can assign the owner of the plotted records by selecting a user or a Team

Manage Territory: The User can assign or change the territory of selected records

Send Email: The user can send a mass email to the selected records. User can select any one the available email templates or a new email to write their own content. User can also choose to keep the recipient as To/Cc/Bcc in the email.

Select regarding: If user needs to send bulk emails and also wants to keep a specific record in the Regarding field into the email. They can select the option of ‘Select Regarding’. To view this option, they can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the respective record to be set in Regarding field from the ‘Map’ button on the record. In the screenshot below, we have taken an Account ‘Gourmet to your door’ as an instance.

  • Now plot the required records to whom the mail has to be sent and Go to Mass actions to choose the option of ‘Send email’. Here, we have plotted Contacts.

  • Once clicked on ‘Send Email’ from ‘Mass Actions’, user can select the option of ‘Select Regarding’ and the Account that we plotted earlier ‘Gourmet to your door’ will be set by Default within the Regarding field.

This option will be visible only if the map has been opened using map button on a record.

Execute Workflow: The user can execute any on-demand workflow with this functionality

Export To Excel: The user can use this feature to export data from the map to excel. This functionality adhere to CRM security roles, if the user does not have the permission to ‘Export Data to Excel’ in CRM then that user will not be able to export data from Maplytics

Create Activities: User can create activities for non-activity Entity records currently selected in “View Data grid.” The user can define the Activity, Subject, Duration, Owner(User/Team) and Priority. The user can also select the number of activities they want to create from Mass actions. The activity selected in respective Entity maps can be seen in the Mass actions list under the label of “Create activities”, by clicking this label below window will open which will list the activity selected in respective entity map.

Associate Records: This helps the user to associate a record with the plotted record(s) on map.

To do this, user needs to open the map using 'Map' button on the record they want to associate. In the below screenshot we have opened map from an Account.

Once the map is opened, plot the required Entity & View to associate the Account. Now, click on ‘Mass actions’.

In the below screenshot, we have plotted Contacts on the map using Proximity Search.

Within Mass Actions, click on ‘Associate Records’to open the window. Here, the relationships between both of the entities, the records plotted and the record from which the map has been opened will be listed. User can select the relationship through which they want to associate the records . Here, the record from which the map was opened has been selected by default. User can also select another record as per their requirement to associate with the plotted records.

This option will be visible in Mass Actions only if the map has been opened using map button on a record.

Auto Scheduling: This can be used to create a schedule for one or more users automatically. Refer to the section of Auto scheduling to know how Auto Scheduling works.