Business Process Checklist
Business Process Checklist is a Dynamics 365 CRM productivity app that helps users to simplify their internal processes by enforcing the best plan of action for day-to-day activities. Once the sales manager or administrator creates a checklist/plan/to-do list, it will automatically get connected against records or Business Process Flows when set conditions are met. Be it custom, OOB entities or custom flows, users will have a predefined set of actions reflecting the organization’s best practices to perform. With Business Process Checklist, set a plan of action for your salespeople/customer executives to follow and in the order, they want them to follow. Increase user productivity by better aligning your business processes with Business Process Checklist within your Dynamics 365 CRM.
Benefits of implementing Business Process Checklist within your Dynamics 365 CRM:
1. User Productivity increases by 30-50%
2. Internal rate of returns of more than 15%
3. Increase in the success rate of projects by 70%
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