Aggregate Field Values
With this feature, aggregate value of specific fields can be represented on respective lane and row headers. It also supports pinning the desired aggregate value to a particular lane or row for easy analysis.
The Kanban Board enables calculation of specific aggregate field values of records which can be then displayed on both lane and row headers. You can define up to 3 fields which can be of numeric, decimal or currency datatype for which the aggregate values of the fields such as SUM, MAX, MIN or AVG will be displayed on each lanes and rows. If the lane has 20 records then the total sum of the currency field (Budget amount) of 20 records will be displayed on top of the lane.
In addition to this, you can pin the desired aggregate value of the records to a particular lane or row.
Aggregate field values shown on Lane header
Aggregate field values shown on Row header
Last modified 4mo ago
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