Configuring Record Types

Users need to configure Record Types for all those entities with whom they want to message. Also, at times a record can have multiple phone numbers. Messages will be sent to the phone numbers selected in the ‘Phone Number Field’.

Note: Against one Entity, only one Record Type can be created.

  • Click on +New Record Type to create New Record.

  • Mention the Record Type.

  • You can choose any Entity from OOB to Custom ones. However, this is only functional on Entities that have a phone number associated with them.

Note: While configuring, in background, we have a logic to create field. Due to this, it is extremely important that System Admins give privileges to the users.

  • For the system to decide, whether the message should be sent, the message Compliance Field is used.

  • The Compliance Field lists all the Boolean Fields within the Record.

    • If the value is selected as Yes, messages will be sent.

    • If the value is selected as No, messages will not be sent.

Note: In case Compliance Field is not set, the message will be directly sent without validation.

In the screenshot below, we have selected ‘Allow SMS’, you may select a field as per your preference.

  • In the Phone Number Field, all the multiple phone number fields within a Record are listed and you can choose whichever contact as preferred. But, please note that the particular field selected should have a working contact number.

Note: It is extremely important for the selected contact numbers to have Country Codes.

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