Review Tracking Results

In this section you will see how to review tracking results.

This is what a tracking record looks like:

The tracking record will report on the following details of the action;

  • Entity Label: Name of the entity on which action was performed.

  • Start/End Date: This is the period for which the tracking was recorded on this record.

  • Message: The operation being tracked.

  • Total: The total count of action being performed during this period.

  • User: The user for whom the tracking is being maintained.

If you had enabled Tracking Details as well, you should find the following details along with the tracking record.

A tracking detail record provides you with the following information;

  • Record Guid: Unique Id of the record on which the operation was performed.

  • Record URL: Link to the record on which the operation was performed. You can click on the link to navigate to the record that is being tracked.

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