Set up Security

InoLink has the following Security Roles:
InoLink Administrator
InoLink Application User
InoLink User
The InoLink Administrator is given the right to both configure InoLink settings and promote the record to QuickBooks.
This basically serves the internal application purpose and the way it works is, when InoLink is installed in the system, it automatically creates 'InoLink Service Account' user that is found under a list of 'Enabled Users' and this InoLink Application User role automatically gets assigned to this InoLink Service Account User.
The InoLink User is given the right to just promote the record to QuickBooks but won’t be able to configure InoLink settings.
Note: It is necessary to assign any one of the above security roles to use InoLink solution.
Here are the steps to assign security role to users.
  • Go to Advanced Settings --> Settings --> Security.
  • Select Users.
  • Select a user --> Click on Manage Roles.
  • Select the security role you want to assign --> Click Ok.
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Last modified 1yr ago