1) How will Gamifics365 benefit CRM users?

Gamifics365 will help to implement game mechanics into daily CRM activities and make it more engaging for users. This will accelerate CRM adoption and boost the productivity of CRM users. Above all, players/users will be motivated to improve their productivity and achieve their best resulting in higher returns.

2) Which modules of Dynamics 365 CRM will be integrated with Gamifics365?

Gamifics365 can be used with any of the Dynamics 365 CRM modules – Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, etc. It is also compatible with Microsoft Dataverse.

3) Can one create customized games with Gamifics365?

Yes, depending upon the situation Game Managers can create individual level, team level, or fantasy team games to engage and motivate the CRM users.

4) What kind of games one can create using Gamifics365?

Face-off, Race, and Challenge are different kinds of games that can be created with Gamifics365. In Face-off, two players will be pitted against each other to achieve a common target. In Race, all the players will be given a common target and the one who achieves it first wins the game. In Challenge, individual players or teams will be given a task to be achieved in a limited amount of time. The one who achieves it wins the game.

5) Is there any limit to creating games with Gamifics365 in Dynamics 365 CRM?

There is no such limit in creating games. The Game Managers can create any number of games to engage and motivate users with Gamifics365 in Dynamics 365 CRM.
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