What's New!



  • Provision to set up the child configuration to further drill N-level down through the relationships

  • Provision to quickly create a new entity record through the entity node in the relationship view in just one click

  • Capability to configure the connection control to create, update, view and delete the connection records more efficiently to improve an overall connection management

  • Ability to add filters on connection role categories and entities that user wishes to create a connection with. Connection role category filters like; Sales Team, Business, Family etc. and entity filters like; account, contact etc.

  • View it in user’s preferred format - grid/card/relationship view

  • Allows to add multiple controls on a single form with various filters and conditions to show the connections based on that.

  • Easier and quicker way for user to search and navigate to a record through the relationship view of Connections.

  • Provision to quickly connect any record to the main primary record as a connection

Version - 2019-12-26


  • 360 degrees view of all important data of the record in a single view

  • Supports both OOB and custom entities

  • Support for 1:N, N:1 as well as N:N information

  • Begin with a quick summary with the ability to drill down to the details

  • Navigate easily and quickly to any of the records in the relationship

  • Ability to quickly record any activity like phone call or appointment for the related records

  • Support for viewing aggregate values without the need for creating rollup fields

  • Control can be configured in Web, Mobile and Tablet for unified experience