Workflow Triggers

In simple words the basic purpose of this entity is to automate the processes, be it the billing process or the reminder process or delayed charge process. A workflow trigger record must be created for each automation process.

How to create a Workflow Trigger record:

  • Navigate to Subscription and Recurring Billing Management App --> Workflow Triggers --> Click on the ‘New’ button.

  • Fill in the values as shown below and create the Workflow trigger record.

    • Workflow Trigger Name: The name of the workflow trigger record.

    • Description: Details to explain the purpose of this Workflow Trigger.

    • Poll Interval: Set the polling duration for the automation be it X Day(s), X Week(s), X Month (s) or X Year(s).

    • Interval: This field goes in conjunction with the field Poll Interval where the X in the option selected is the value set in the Interval.

    • Workflow Options: Select the option based on what you want to automate. The options available for this field and their purpose are as below:

      • Auto Generate Document: To automate the billing process of generating the Invoices/Orders from Subscription Schedule.

      • Auto Generate Reminder: To automate the process of generating a reminder to notify your Invoice/Order due.

      • Auto Generate Delayed Charge: To automate the process of levying penalty charge past invoice due.

      • Auto Generate Renewal Reminder: To automate the process of generating a reminder to notify customers and owner of subscription schedule about subscription renewal.

      • Other: To automate any process using custom workflow. By selecting this option, a lookup field named 'Workflow' pointing to the Process entity shows up from where you can select your own active process. But the process has to be created on the Workflow Trigger entity itself.

    • Workflow Start Time: The preferred date and time from when you want to start the process to automate the respective process.

Note: Select the workflow that has been created for the entity 'Workflow Trigger' only.

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