What's New!



  • Seamless DocuSign integration to electronically sign documents stored in SharePoint



  • Ability to share child records along with parent records



  • Support for single sign-on

  • Support for hierarchy structure to store attachments/documents in SharePoint

  • Support to send email to configured recipients through Email configuration in Entity Configuration



  • Real time sync of security permission

  • Replicate Association and Dissociation of security role to/from a user/team in Dynamics 365 CRM with SharePoint

  • Replicate sharing of record with another user/team in Dynamics 365 CRM with SharePoint

  • Assign record to another user/team in Dynamics 365 CRM and reflect it in SharePoint simultaneously

  • Add/Remove members to/from team in Dynamics 365 CRM and replicate it in SharePoint simultaneously

  • Sync deletion of security role in Dynamics 365 CRM with SharePoint

  • Supports all types of entities

  • Multiple files and folders can be dragged and dropped at one time to SharePoint

  • Single as well as multiple files or folders can be uploaded

  • Users can download documents from SharePoint

  • Email with file’s link or file as attachment can be sent

  • Files/Folders can be renamed

  • Bulk copy/move Note/Email/Sales Literature Attachments to SharePoint

  • Sharable links of files/folders can be created which can also be copied for external use

  • Deep search can be done for the entered keyword

  • Access control of user actions on Attach2Dynamics

  • Delete files from SharePoint

  • View files before downloading

  • Support for configuring multiple SharePoint connectors