Azure Blob Storage

Learn how to configure Azure Blob Storage connector in your Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (PowerApps) environment using Attach2Dynamics for a smart way to manage your documents/attachments and free up storage space.
Follow the steps given below to configure Azure Blob Storage connector:
  • Select your storage account and open it, look for Access Keys (as shown in the below screenshot), get the Storage account name and Key from it.
  • Navigate to Attach2Dynamics app --> Connectors --> Click on New --> Fill the following details.
    • Name: Give name to the connector.
    • Connector Type: Choose Azure Blob Storage from the drop-down.
    • Default connector: If required, enable the checkbox to set Azure_1 as default connector.
Note: The user can add other storage accounts from Azure Blob Storage.
  • Now add the Storage Account Name and Access Key.
  • Once the Connector record is created the connector credentials need to be authenticated. To authenticate the connector, click on the Authenticate button on the command bar.
This button is visible only to users with System Administration or Attach2Dynamics Administrator role.
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