Access Chat UI When “Regarding” of Chat Session Is Set

  • Access Chat UI When “Regarding” of Chat Session Is Set

Chat UI is accessible from any CRM Records as well when Regarding is Set.

For Example: If a Lead record is associated as regarding to a particular session, then here is how you can access Chat UI from Lead record.

  • Navigate to Settings --> Customizations.

  • Click on 'Customize the System'.

  • Navigate to Entities Navigate --> Lead --> Forms.

  • Click on Lead Entity with Form Type Main.

  • Select (or Add) the Tab

  • Then Select, Subgrid.

  • A new window will pop up. Add the Name, Label, Records as Only Related Records, Entity as Chat Sessions (Regarding), Default View as All Chat Sessions - Internal Purpose.

  • Navigate to Controls and click Add Controls.

  • From the dropdown list search for Chat Systems and add it as a control.

  • Once done, Chat Systems will be shown under the Controls Tab and you can enable it for multiple devices to access it accordingly.

  • After clicking Ok, then click on Save & Publish for the grid to be visible.

  • Once done, you can view the Chat UI on the Lead Record and communicate with the customers directly, as shown in the screenshot below.

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