Set up a Team

The next step is to set up the TextSMS4Dynamics team and add the users in order to access TextSMS4Dynamics.

After you install the solution and activate the license, teams will be generated under 'TextSMS4Dynamics Team' according to the selected channel licenses, gets created in CRM. You can add all the users to the Team, whom you would like to give access to TextSMS4Dynamics.

Note: As of now TextSMS4Dynamics only supports SMS messaging channels.

Your license determines how many members you can have in your Team. For instance, if your license is for up to 5 users, you can only add 5 members to your Team.

To add team members, follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate to TextSMS4Dynamics App -> Administration -> Teams.

  • Select the team ‘TextSMS4Dynamics - SMS’ -> Add team members -> Click on ‘Save’

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