Plan Step Action

Plan step actions are activities that can be added to a task/plan step to define what activities a salesperson needs to undertake in a specific way to successfully perform a task. For example, in plan step actions, we can define actionable steps like sending a follow-up email or verifying lead details via phone call, etc.

To Add a Plan Step Action, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on ellipsis --> '+ Create Action' to Add an action.

  • This will open a ‘Quick Create Form: Plan Step Action’, where we need to fill in the details.

    • Select Action: Select an activity (Phone Call, Email, and Tasks) through which you want to carry out a task.

    • Title: Your plan step action title is the same as your plan step name, but you can modify the Plan Step Action title as per your requirements.

    • Description (Optional): Provide a short description of the plan step action.

    • Select the Email Template: You will see this option only if email activity is supported.

      • Auto Send Email (Optional): Auto Send Email allows users to automatically send emails for the intended activity. By default, it is set to No.

      • Email Template: If you want to send a specific type of email automatically to perform a task, you can select an appropriate Email Template from the drop-down menu. If the Auto-Send Email is selected as Yes, the Email Template field is mandatory to fill.

    • Set criteria for the execution of Plan Step Action:

      • Execution Order: Enter the execution order for Plan Step Action in which the Plan Step Action will be executed.

      • Criteria Mode (optional): Criteria mode defines the criteria of the records on which the Plan Step Action will be applicable and executed. Select either Simple or Advanced.

        • Simple: Here, you can further define and set criteria for records through the view of an entity.

        • Advanced: Here, you can further define and set criteria for records through fetch XML.

  • Once the required fields are filled, click on ‘Save and Close’.

  • Your Plan Step Action will be added to the plan step and will appear on Plan Step Actions.

  • Similarly, we can add more Plan Step Actions by clicking on the 'Add an action’ as shown below.

  • Click on Publish to publish the plan.

Note: At least one plan step and plan step action should be added to publish a plan.

In this way, Process-Type plan can be created with the plan steps and plan step actions.

This is the type of plan you need to create when you need the tasks to be executed in a predefined order.

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