Set up Security

SharePoint Security Sync has the following security roles:

SharePoint Security Sync Administrator has the privilege to create and modify 'Entity Configurations', 'Connector entity records', 'Security Templates', and 'Bulk Migration Jobs'.

Note: It is necessary to assign any one of the above security roles to use SharePoint Security Sync Solution

Follow the simple steps given below to assign security roles to CRM users.

  • Navigate to SharePoint Security Sync App --> License Registration Page --> Click on the Assign Security Role button.

  • A confirmation dialog box will appear. Click on Ok.

The SharePoint Security Sync user security role will be now assigned to all the users present in Dynamics 365 CRM.

OR, you can follow another alternative method mentioned below:

  • Go to Advanced Settings --> Settings --> Security.

  • Select Users

  • Select user --> Click on MANAGE ROLES

  • Click on any one of the security roles --> Click OK.

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