Plan Step

Plan steps are tasks that are needed to be performed to carry out a plan. These plan steps consist of multiple activities called "Plan Step Actions," which define how to effectively perform a certain task in a plan.

Plan steps help managers define what a task is, why it needs to be performed, and how to perform it.

To create Plan steps, follow the steps given below:

  • Once the plan is created, navigate to Manage Steps.

  • Click on the Create Plan Step button.

  • This will open a ‘Quick Create Form: Plan Step’, where we need to fill in the details.

    • Name: Provide an appropriate name for the Plan Step.

    • Description (Optional): Provide a short description of the Plan Step.

    • Add a waiting period for this step (Optional): A waiting period can be added to define when the plan step should be performed. Once the waiting period is over the plan step actions within the plan step can be performed to eventually complete the plan step. For example, If there is a step in the process to send a product introduction email and the waiting period for it is set to 1 day, then the actual email action within the plan step can only be performed after the waiting period ends, i.e., after 1 day.

      • Days: Add the desired waiting period for this step to be performed after 'X' Days.

      • Hours: Add the desired waiting period for this step to be performed after 'X' Hours.

  • Once the required fields are filled, click on ‘Save and Close’.

  • Your plan step will be added to the process and appear on Plan Steps.

  • Similarly, we can add more steps by clicking on the '+' button, as shown below.

Now that we have created a plan step, let’s add plan step actions next.

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