Activate License
The first and foremost step after installing solution is License Activation.
Here are the steps to activate Click2Export license.
  • Navigate to Dynamics 365 --> Click2Export app.
  • Go to License Registration.
Enter the Details: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email, Website and Main Phone --> Click on ACTIVATE.
If you want to purchase or extend the trial, click on SEND REQUEST --> Enter all details --> Click again on SEND REQUEST and send the email to Inogic.

Alternate method to complete License Activation

Here are the steps to complete registration through the ‘License Registration using (.lic) file’ section.
  • Request .lic file from Inogic --> Save file --> Go to Click2Export app --> License Registration --> Click ‘Choose File’ to locate the file with the extension .lic
  • Select the file --> Click ‘Open.’
  • Click on ‘Register’ to complete the License Registration.
  • Your license is activated.
Last modified 6mo ago