Follow the steps given below to configure the SharePoint connector:

Navigate to Attach2Dynamics app --> Connectors --> Click on New --> Fill in the following details.

  • Name: Give a name to the connector

  • Connector Type: Choose SharePoint from the drop-down.

  • Default Connector: If required, enable the checkbox to set SharePoint_1 as the default connector.

  • SharePoint Site: This is valid only for SharePoint. It is the location of SharePoint, where files and folders will be stored. Select the valid SharePoint site here. This field is not visible for Dropbox and Azure Blob Storage.

Note: The user has to create new SharePoint site for each new connector.

  • Auth-Type: You can select the value ‘App’ or ‘Credential’ here. This indicates whether Authentication with the connector is done through the App or Credential.

    • For SharePoint, both App and Credential are supported.

    • For Dropbox only App is valid.

    • For Azure Blob Storage only Credential is valid.

  • Credentials: This indicates that Authentication with the connector is done through credentials i.e. ID and password. It is mandatory to enter credentials in order to create a new Connector. For authentication through credentials, for any attachment action, the name of the user appears who has authenticated the Connector. Enter a value for ID and Password/Secret. Next, authenticate the credentials.

Note: Id and Password for SharePoint: In the Id field enter your username and in the Password/Secret field enter the password. It can be your normal Dynamics 365 CRM credentials.

  • App: This is to provide authentication with the App. In-App authentication, if any action is performed, then the name of the logged-in user appears.

Whenever we create ID and Password for app in the Azure Portal, we also need to grant users access to SharePoint sites.

Below are the two ways to grant users access to SharePoint sites:

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