Merge Duplicates

Not only can you detect and prevent duplicate records, but you can even merge duplicate records.

With DeDupeD, once you have identified the duplicates, you can remove the duplicates right from the individual record itself by merging them all together. You can select the record you want to keep as a master record while merging so that you can control the information that is retained and removed. This ensures data completeness and prevents data inconsistencies.

In order to merge duplicate records using the DeDupeD UI, follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate to Sales Hub -> Entity ( Contact) -> Select and open the record for which you want to merge duplicates.

  • Click on “Show Duplicates” Button.

  • Now you will be able to see all the duplicates for the selected record.

  • Select the records you want to merge and click on “Merge” button.

  • At this step, you can also change your Master record from the existing one to another one as per your requirement.

  • Now you will see an alert pop up with the message “Your whole configuration will be lost if you change the master record. Do you want to proceed?” The configuration here refers to the configurations done on the DeDupeD UI for filling up the master record fields from the subordinate record fields. If you want to change the master record because of some customization needs, this previous configuration will be lost. But if you want to change the master record, then Click on “Proceed”.

  • As you can see, your selected subordinate record has been successfully turned into Master Record.

  • If you want to retain some of the subordinate record fields from your duplicate records in your master record after merging, you can just select the said subordinate record fields.

  • You can see the preview of how your master record will look as shown in the below screenshot. Once you are done with setting up the merge process, click on “Finish” to merge all the duplicates.

  • Click on “Continue”.

  • Click on ‘OK’ to close the pop up.

  • Now all the selected fields from the duplicates will be merged with the master, and duplicate records will be inactivated.

Note: You can merge up to 10 records at once using DeDupeD UI.

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