Event-Based Alert

To understand how this provision works in case of Event-Based Alerts, let’s consider that the user wants to create an alert notification to be shown when the value of a ‘Subject’ field of the case record changes. And later, user wants this alert to auto-dismiss once the case is resolved.

Steps to Auto-dismiss Alerts

  • Navigate to Advanced Settings --> Settings --> Process --> New Process.
  • Select category as ‘Workflow’ and choose the Entity --> Click on OK.
  • Go to ‘Record fields change’ --> Select the field ‘Subject’ from the list.
  • Create a notification request record to create an alert.
  • Select ‘Notification Request’.
  • Click on ‘Set Properties’.
  • Perform the dynamic field selection as required.
  • To display alert on the case record, set the ‘Notification Associated With’ as shown below:
  • After creating an alert, now add a ‘Wait’ condition which will wait till the case is resolved.
Let’s further configure the condition.
  • To auto-dismiss the alert once the case is resolved, select the row and add a new step as shown below:
  • Select the below assembly from the list for auto dismissing the alert notification.
  • Click on ‘Set Properties’.
  • Select the below option from the list for ‘Look for’ field. This is a first step description that was added to create a notification request record.
  • Click on ‘Add’.
  • Click on ‘OK’.
  • Click on ‘Save and Close’.
  • Next, activate the workflow.
  • Navigate back to Case --> Open a case record --> Change the value of the field ‘Subject’.
  • Change the subject from ‘Delivery’ to ‘Query’.
  • Click on ‘Save’.
  • Once saved successfully, an alert will be shown as a Dialog on the case record. It will continue showing up until the case is resolved.
  • Now, let’s mark this case record as resolved.
  • Once the case is resolved, the alert is dismissed automatically.
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