Configure Global Setting

To establish the default list type for new email addresses in your CRM, use the Global Settings feature. This choice becomes the default for any email address not already in your CRM, ensuring efficient email address management.

To configure, follow these steps:

  • Click on 'Edit Settings'.

• From the dropdown menu that appears, choose between Leads or Contacts based on your preference.

Interest/ Group Sync Activation

Toggle on this switch to sync Interests/Groups and Interest/Group Categories between Mailchimp and CRM.

Interest/Group: The compilation of contacts organized based on their interests or preferences. Each group is identified by a category and includes specific group names. There are different options within your group. For instance, under the group category "Occupational role," you could list options like Developer, Tester, and Product Manager. Consider group names as sub-categories, aiding in better sorting and locating of contacts.

  • Interest/Group Category: The classification for your group, such as "Occupational role."

By default, this sync setting is set to ‘OFF’. Depending on user preferences, it can be toggled to ‘ON’ to enable the sync of Interests/Groups from Mailchimp to CRM.

Note: If you're utilizing the Group Functionality feature in MailChimp, ensure that you set this as 'ON.'

  • Click on the ‘Toggle’ switch to enable this feature

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