Alert Delivery Preferences

Alerts4Dynamics app gives user the following preferences to deliver Alerts:

  • Pop-ups

  • Form Notifications - Dialog & Bar

  • Email Notifications

Alert as Pop-up

If user sets the alert as ‘Pop up’ while configuring the message, an alert will show up only through the global notification bell button. It will not pop-up on opening of the record. User has to click on the bell icon to see the Pop up notification.

Note: An alert will be displayed through the global notification bell button only if checked from within the context of the record.

Alert as Form notification – Dialog

If user sets the alert as ‘Form Notification – Dialog’ then the alert will pop-up after opening a record without having to click on the global notification bell icon.

Alert as Form notification – Bar

If user selects ‘Display As’ option as ‘Bar’ then an alert will be displayed on the top of the record in the form of bar.

Alert as Email Notification

If the user sets alert as ‘Email Notification’ then the alerts will be notified to the users through an email.

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