Custom Label

Map My Relationships gives provision to customize the label name in both Relationship and Connection control. User can customize the label at relationship level, group level and measure level.

Relationship Level

'Node Label' field will auto-populate the value based on which relationship user selects. This value is the default Relationship node label.

User can customize this label by setting the 'Use Custom Label' field to Yes, which shows the Custom Label field where one can add the label.

Group Level (Cluster Nodes)

Similarly, user can change the label of group / cluster nodes. After selecting a Group By field, a preview of the same is shown in the Node Label field. To add the custom label, first change the value of Use Custom Label from No to Yes. Custom Label field will appear in which user can input the value to be displayed as a label on the Group node.

Here, {value} is the value on which the grouping has been done.

Note: Adding {value} in Custom Label is mandatory, otherwise the option name will not appear on the group node.

Measure Level (title)

In a similar manner as above, Measure title can also be customized. When user selects the field value in the Measure field, its display name (default preview label) is shown in Node Label field. User can add the custom label as shown below.

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