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1) Which SAAS metrics reporting is made available for detailed revenue analysis?

Subscription and Recurring Billing Management provides detailed reports of important SAAS metrics such as MRR, AAR, ARPU, CLTV, Customer Churn Rate, Subscriber Churn Rate, Total active subscribers and Credit Notes for in-depth revenue analysis.

2) Is there a limit in managing huge number of subscriptions?

No, there is no such limit. With its support for multiple plans, add-ons and multiple pricing models, Subscription and Recurring Billing Management enables users to easily manage vast scale of subscriptions.

3) Customers upgrade/downgrade their subscriptions frequently. Will this adversely affect the billing cycle?

The frequent changes in subscriptions will not affect the billing cycle or create any complications in calculating subscription charges. The ‘Proration’ feature of Subscription and Recurring Billing Management ensures smooth billing cycle and easily adjusts the billing amount as per the upgrade/downgrade requirements put forth by the customers.

4) The tax rates are different for different regions and different products. Is it possible to keep track of all these different tax rates and maintain accuracy in tax calculations?

Yes, it is quite easy to keep track of all different regional taxes with Subscription and Recurring Billing Management. With its integration to AvaTax by Avalara and automation of tax calculations, there is no need to worry about different regional tax rates and tax accuracy.

5) What if you see all the processes of 'Subscription and Recurring Billing Management' in 'Draft/Deactivated' state after importing the solution from the website?

Once the solution is imported, please follow the below steps to activate all the processes of Subscription and Recurring Billing Management.
  • Navigate to Advanced Settings --> Settings --> Process Center --> Processes.
  • Under 'All Processes' view, activate the processes as shown below:
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