Power Automate Flow

To enable automatic assignments on the update, follow the steps given below:

  • Create a new Power Automate Flow and add ‘When a record is created, updated or deleted’ step of ‘Common Data Service (Current Environment)’ connector.

  • Select Trigger condition (For example, Update).

  • Select entity for which you want to enable automatic assignment --> Select Scope as ‘Organization’.

  • Based on the requirement add Filtering attributes and Filter expression. For Example, if you want to run the assignment on change of only ‘status reason’ field then add ‘statuscode’ as logical name of the field. The flow will trigger only on change of the Status Reason field.

  • Add ‘Perform an unbound action’ step.

  • Select ‘ikl_InogicAddItemsToQueue’ in Action Name --> Enter logical name of your main entity in Primary Entity name --> Select unique identifier of the current record in PrimaryEntityId.

  • Save and test the Power Automate flow.

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