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  • Enables sending and receiving messages directly from within Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Provides prompt notifications and updates from the Messaging Account on CRM, keeping users informed.

  • Maintains a history of conversations within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, providing communication records.

  • Supports the sharing of images along with text to enrich the conversational experience with clients within the CRM environment.

  • Integrate Messaging Service within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to send automated messages based on CRM actions.

  • Leverage TextSMS4Dynamics for customer engagement, such as sending notifications, updates, or marketing messages from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

  • You can create any other OOB or custom entity from Message conversations.

  • Customize the message templates as per your need, including Dynamic fields of the CRM and send a message.

  • Access message interface from within the CRM records to have a seamless and integrated approach to customer communication, which can lead to improved customer service and relationship management.

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