Sync Marketing List/Members

In previous section, we synced Mailchimp Audience to Dynamics 365 CRM and eventually synced Mailchimp Members to CRM Contacts/Leads.

In this section, we will sync Dynamics 365 CRM Marketing List to Mailchimp which will eventually sync CRM Contacts/Leads to Mailchimp.

Also, it will only sync those contacts/leads which were added to the Marketing List.

This is helpful when you want to plan and execute marketing activities through Mailchimp targeting the customers in Dynamics 365 CRM. You can create Marketing List in CRM with contacts/leads and then with a single click you can initiate the sync process for that Marketing List. Now, any new member added to this Marketing List will get automatically synced to Mailchimp. Also any updates made to any members of Marketing List will get automatically synced to Mailchimp.

For Example: You have imported a list of contacts to Dynamics 365 CRM of those who have attended the webinar or any promotional event. Now, you want to push those contacts to Mailchimp so that the Marketing team can send them further exclusive promotional campaigns. In this case, you can create a new Marketing List '2021 Event Attendees' in CRM and add all those contacts into it.

Now to sync this Marketing List to Mailchimp, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Settings --> Setup --> Sync Marketing List/Members --> Click on ‘Manage’.

  • This will be redirected to Marketing List home grid.

  • Or, directly go to Marketing4Dynamics App --> Marketing --> Marketing Lists.

  • Click on '+ New' to create a new Marketing List.

  • In new Marketing List, enter the following information:

    • Name: The name of Marketing List.

    • List Type: Select either Static or Dynamic. You can sync both types of Marketing List.

    • Target At: Select either Contact or Lead. You can add either contact or lead to the marketing list based on the option selected. Account type of Marketing list is not supported.

    • Audience: Select the Mailchimp Audience with which you want to sync this Marketing List and its members.

    • Tag: Select the Tag that you want to associate to a member in Mailchimp. The selected tag will get attached to member in Mailchimp.

  • In Members tab, now you can add members from either static or dynamic. Use 'Manage Members' button to add members to the Marketing list.

  • As soon as you save the Marketing List, you will see a 'Sync' button. Only System Administrator or Marketing4Dynamics Administrator can sync the Marketing List.

  • Once the 'Sync' button is clicked, a dialog box will appear asking confirmation. After getting confirmation, the synchronization process will get started in the background.

  • Now the Sync Status will change into 'In Progress'.

  • Once the process is completed, the Sync Status will change into either 'Synced' or 'Error'.

  • Sync Status of each individual member can also checked.

  • During the process, it checks for any existing members in the selected Mailchimp Audience. And if there are members then it updates the members (profile information) or else it will create new members and attach the selected Tags to them.

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