Copy URL from Power Automate Flow

Before proceeding with the Configuration, you need to copy the URL of Power Automate Flow – “TextSMS4Dynamics Real-time Chat Logging” which is shipped in our solution and paste it into “Callback URL” field in “Twilio Details” section in “Details” tab in your configuration.

Note: If this step is not performed, you will not be able to send any messages on the CRM.

  • Go to Power Automate in Dynamics 365.

  • Choose the environment in which the Solution is imported.

  • In the list of Solutions, click TextSMS4Dynamics.

  • TextSMS4Dynamics Solution will open, then navigate to Cloud Flows and click TextSMS4Dynamics Real-time Chat Logging.

  • Click on the Edit button inside TextSMS4Dynamics Real-time Chat Logging in My Flows.

  • Copy the HTTP POST URL.

  • Paste this HTTP POST URL in “Callback URL” field.

  • Click on Save.

Once Account Info is added, update the General Setting:

  • Allow Create To - In this section you can enable multiple entities such as Case, Order, Opportunity, any OOB or Custom Entities. These entities will be available on “Create Record” button in the Message UI and you can easily create any OOB or custom entity record from it.

  • Session Timeout – This specifies how long will Message session be active (This is by default for 24 hours / 1 day).

  • Idle Timeout - By default, the message notifications are only visible to the owner of the session. But the message notification becomes visible to all users, if there is no activity for the specified minutes in this field.

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