Restore Deleted Records
Sometimes, it happens that you may delete a record by mistake and find that there is no way to restore it. In such situations, this feature allows you to restore that deleted record. For this feature to function it is a must to enable entities for Click2Undo solution.
Note: 'Restore Deleted' button is only visible to user with Click2Undo Administrator role.
Here are the steps to restore deleted record.
  • Go to home page of any enabled entity (for e.g. ‘Accounts’ entity home page) --> Click on ‘Restore Deleted’ button.
  • Here, in the Restore grid you will find all the deleted records pertaining to default period which is defined in Click2Undo Configuration. You can further search and filter these records by date.
  • Select record --> Click on the ‘Restore’ button and the record will be restored.
Note: Similarly, you can select multiple records and restore all those deleted records at once.
Last modified 1yr ago
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