How to migrate Templates from one environment to another

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The process of migrating templates from one environment to another can be divided into two parts:

  • Export template from one environment

  • Import the same template in another environment

Export template from one environment

Before exporting the template, create a custom view on 'Click2Clone Templates' in the environment from which the template is to be moved in the following way:

  • Navigate to Settings --> Customizations.

  • Click on 'Customize the System'.

  • Navigate to Entities --> Click2Clone Template --> Views.

  • Click on 'New' to create a new view.

  • Enter an appropriate name for the view and click 'Ok' to proceed.

  • Click on 'Add Columns'.

  • You can keep the following column names disabled - Created by, Created by (Delegate), Created on, Modified by, Modified by (Delegate), Modified on and Record created on.

  • Click 'Ok' to proceed.

  • Click 'Save/Save & Close' icon to save this view.

  • You can see the view that has just been added.

  • Click on 'Publish All Customizations'.

  • Go back to Click2Clone application --> Click2Clone Templates --> Select the Export View.

  • Click on 'Export to Excel'.

  • After clicking on 'Export to Excel', file with an extension '.xlsx' will be downloaded. Open this file and save it as .csv format in the system.

  • Click 'Ok'.

Once you have successfully created the .csv version of the exported file, let’s proceed to import operation.

Import the same template in another environment

  • Login to the other environment to which we want to import the template --> Navigate to Click2Clone application --> Click2Clone Templates.

  • Import the same .csv file.

  • Browse the .csv file.

  • Click on Review Mapping.

  • Click 'Finish Import' without changing any of the below fields.

  • Click on Confirm.

  • Click on Done.

  • Wait for the system to finish the import process (Refresh the page couple of times).

Let's now compare the two environments.

  • Environment - 1

  • Environment - 2

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