After license registration there are some steps to be taken to ensure smooth functioning of Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation app. This includes activating the workflows that assign Dynamics 365 CRM records as per the assignment rule set by the user. There are two types of workflows – Classic Workflow and Power Automate Flow. Now, depending upon one’s requirement these workflows can be activated or deactivated.

Note: By default, Power Automate Flow is active and Classic workflows are in draft state.

To check whether the workflows are activated or not, follow the steps given below.

Classic Workflow

  • Navigate to Advanced Settings.

  • Go to Settings --> Process Center --> Processes.

  • Select the workflows --> Click on Activate button.

Power Automate Flow

  • Go to Solutions.

  • Select Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation solution --> Search for workflows.

  • Select the workflow --> By default it is kept activated so the ‘Turn Off’ button is available on the ribbon.

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