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Set up Security

Gamifics365 has the following security roles:
Gamifics365 Administrator
Gamifics365 Manager
Gamifics365 User
The user with Gamifics365 Administrator security role is in charge of setting up of the solution. They can create games and set rules for these games. Further, they can modify any games or rules created by managers with Gamifics365 Manager security role.
The user with Gamifics365 Manager security role can create games and manage games for the team members. For example – Sales Manager can create games for the Sales representatives working under them.
The user with Gamifics365 User security role can view and participate in the games.
  • It is necessary to assign any one of the above security roles to use Gamifics365 solution.
  • System Administrator has all the rights that Gamifics365 administrator has.
Here are the steps to assign security roles to CRM users.
  • Go to Advanced Settings --> Settings --> Security.
  • Select Users.
  • Select user --> Click on MANAGE ROLES.
  • Click on any one of the Gamifics365 security roles --> Click OK.
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