Configuration for Auto Refresh

Kanban Board gives provision to automatically Refresh Kanban Board based on a set interval. This is possible by configuring the 'Auto Refresh' property in Kanban Board control.

To configure Auto Refresh control for Kanban Board follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate to Settings --> Customizations --> Customize the System go to the entity where Kanban Board Control has been configured and Select ‘Kanban Board’ control to configure ‘Auto Refresh’ and ‘Refresh Interval’ properties.

  • To Configure ‘Auto Refresh Property’ Click on ‘Edit’ icon.

  • Set Auto Refresh Control as ‘True’ and Click on ‘OK’.

  • To Set, Auto Refresh Interval Click on ‘Edit’ icon.

  • Set default interval time for automatically refreshing the Kanban Board and Click on ‘OK’. For e.g. If you set the value to 20 minutes, then Board will automatically refresh every 20 minutes.

Note: Minimum allowed time for refreshing the Kanban Board is 15 minutes.

  • Click on ‘Save’.

  • Click on ‘Publish’.

  • Go to entity view for which you have configured the Auto Refresh Property, and Click on ‘Refresh’.

Note: After configuring Auto Refresh Property you need to at least once manually refresh the Kanban Board and then it will start to auto-refresh based on the set interval.

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