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Click2Export is a powerful solution to export Report/CRM Views/Document templates from Dynamics 365 in a single click. With this tool, perform actions such as Attach the exported files as Note, Upload to SharePoint, Attach and auto-send in an email and Download for offline consumption. Export Reports in PDF, Word, CSV, TIFF and Excel format. Word template is exported in MS Word or PDF format, while Excel Template is exported in Excel format. Email Templates export the Views of configured entity in a tabular format and add it to an email body. Users can also automate the process of exporting and performing actions smoothly. Also, the same actions can be configured to trigger at regular interval.

Download 15 days FREE TRIAL from our website or Microsoft AppSource today! Check out our Video Library for more such videos on Click2Export!

For further queries, reach out to us at [email protected]
Available for
Dynamics 365 8.2 and above
On-Premises and Online
Dataverse (Power Apps)
Last modified 1yr ago