Configuration for Specific View

You can make Kanban Board available for certain views in an Entity. This is possible by adding Data-set Control on Entity Views.

To add Kanban Board Control on Entity Views follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Settings -> Customizations.

  • From there go to Customize the System -> Entities

  • Next, click on any Entity, for e.g. ‘Account’ -> Views -> Click on any view, for e.g. ‘All Accounts’.

  • In that click on ‘Custom Controls’ -> ‘Add Control’

  • Here a list of Data-set control will be displayed. Select the respective Data-set Control that you want to add i.e. ‘Kanban Board’ -> Click on ‘Add’.

Added control will be available for this view only and not for all views.

  • Next enable Kanban Board for Web, Phone and Tablet.

  • Now it will be shown to only the specific view ‘All Accounts.’

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