Tax Details

Tax Detail is used to define the number of taxes to be applied on a product which is associated with Tax Schedule. A Tax Schedule can have multiple Tax details. Tax calculation will be performed based on the percentage defined in Tax Detail record. Also, single Tax Detail record can also be used in the different Tax Schedule.

How to create a Tax Detail:

  • Navigate to Subscription and Recurring Billing Management app --> Schedules --> Tax Schedules.

  • Create a new Tax Schedule or open an existing Tax Schedule.

  • Now click on ‘Add Existing Tax Detail’ to create or add details of tax to the Tax Schedule.

  • Either select an existing ‘Tax Detail’ record --> click on ‘Add’. OR

  • Click on button ‘New Tax Detail’.

  • The following dialog box will appear. Here, click on OK.

  • Enter details in the required fields and any other necessary fields.

    • Name: Descriptive name of the Tax Detail.

    • Tax Number: A number or description to describe the Tax Detail.

    • Tax Percent: Defines the percent of tax to be calculated when this Tax Detail is used.

  • Click on Save.

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