Create multiple copies of a record
Apart from cloning single and multiple records, you can also create multiple copies of any given record. Follow the below steps to create multiple copies of record:
1) While configuring Click2Clone template go to 'Multiple Copies Configuration' and duly fill the required fields.
Number of copies to be created: Enter any number as required.
Allow default edit: Choose yes or no. If yes, you can edit the no. of copies before cloning the records. If no, then the given no.of copies will be created.
Begin Number: This defines a number that the clone copy counter will start from.
Suffix Length: It defines the number of digits to be added in the incremented suffix value.
2) Navigate to entity home page --> Select a record to clone --> Click on Click2Clone button.
3) A pop up will appear --> Select the templates in case of multiple templates --> Edit the no. of copies field, only if 'Allow default edit' is enabled --> Click on OK. Here, the 'No. of Copies to be created' field is changed to 3.
4) Refresh the grid to view multiple copies of cloned record.
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