Delayed Charge Schedules

The Delayed Charge Schedule is used to create a schedule by which the customer will be penalized for the overdue payment for a certain period of time.

How to Create a Delayed Charge Schedule:

  • Navigate to Subscription and Recurring Billing Management App --> Schedules --> Delayed Charge Schedules --> Click on ‘New’ button.

  • Enter the required information in the following fields --> Click on Save.

    • Schedule Name: Descriptive name of the Delayed Charge Schedule.

    • Product: The Product that will represent the Delayed Charge on the Invoice/Order

    • Frequency Option: The frequency of which to charge a penalty on Invoice/Order. For example, if you choose monthly, every month after the days past due count there would be a separate delayed charge line on the Invoice or order. Suppose the ‘Due date’ is set to 21st March and ‘Days past due’ count is set to 15 then the first delayed charge will be applied on 5th of April and on 5th of every month. The frequency options available are as follows:

      • Once

      • Daily

      • Weekly

      • Monthly

      • Quarterly

      • Semi-annually

      • Annually

    • Percentage: The percentage of the Invoice amount to be charged as a penalty.

    • Days Past Due Count: Determines the number of days past due before the delayed charges are triggered.

Note: Customer must have a penalty product that will be used as the Delayed Charged Product. Also, the penalty product should be on the same pricelist as of the invoice/order details.

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