What's New!

Version - 2020-10-20


    Provision to set up preferences to receive alert notifications as per user’s choice
    Provision to configure the alerts as dismissible/non-dismissible
    Provision to configure the alerts as auto dismissible/non-auto dismissible

Version - 2020-07-30


    Provision to configure Event-based alerts
    Provision to configure email alert notifications for activity type entities

Version - 2020-06-11


    Supports OOB as well as Custom Entities
    Create Announcement and Rule-Based/Record-Based
    Alerts can be viewed as pop-ups, form notifications, or sent as email not only to users but also to the customers
    Alerts levels can be categorized as Information, Warning or Critical
    View the log of alerts read/dismissed by users
    Add start/expiration dates for all alerts
    Alerts can be configured to be shown to a particular set of audiences as well as for dynamic audiences
    Related records can also be added for Notification and Email audiences
    View alerts from anywhere in CRM
Last modified 6mo ago