What’s New!

Version - 2020-09-28

  • Row Collapsed Property to expand/collapse rows in Kanban Board

  • Toggle all cards in a particular Row group for easy view

  • Added support for paging

Version - 2020-06-01

  • Kanban Board presents the selected View in a Kanban view for quick access and easy understanding and classification of the data in the view

  • Kanban view of records as per Business Process Flow

  • Group records in Row based on selected field value

  • Supports moving the records around from one lane to another with a quick drag and drop action

  • Quick access to important information in a compact card view

  • Define quick activity actions for the records

  • Works in context of the native CRM environment and responds to all native ribbon actions available for traditional views

  • Support for search through native quick search available for views in CRM

  • Records in the lanes can be sorted. It also supports filtering of the data in the view by ‘CreatedOn’ date