Check In & Check Out

With this feature you can keep track of records that each user worked on. It will specify the time spent by user on records in a particular Entity.

Note: User Adoption Monitor Administrator or User Adoption Monitor User role is necessary to access Check-in/Check-out button.

In order to enable Check-in & Check-out feature for a particular entity, follow the steps given below:

  • First, you have to create action for the required entity. For each entity, you have to create separate actions. Go to Advanced Settings --> Settings --> Processes. Click on New.

  • Next, fill the required fields as follows:

    • Process name: Name the process, for e.g. UAM-Case-CheckInCheckOut .

    • Category: Select ‘Action’.

    • Entity: Select the required entity. Here ‘Case’ entity is selected.

  • Once the details are filled, click on Ok. Then ‘Activate’ the action as shown below:

  • Now, go to Entity Configurations (User Adoption Monitor group) --> Click on New.

  • Fill the required fields as follows:

    • Entity Label: Give name of required entity. For e.g., Case

    • Message: checkincheckout. (After populating this field, you will get another lookup field – Action Name)

    • Entity Schema: incident

    • Period: Select period i.e., Daily, Weekly or Monthly

    • Action Name: Select the action created, for e.g., UAM-Case-CheckInCheckOut

  • Click on Save.

  • Now go to a particular record in Case entity. Here, you will see the Check-in button. Click on the same before you start working on the record.

  • Once the task is completed, click on Check-out button. Both Check-in & Check-out Buttons are interchangeable.

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