Add Map My Relationships control on the form

Decide the entity on which you want to see the related records of that entity. The entity may be a common use entity.

Note: The Administrator can configure the Map My Relationships control for any number of entities in the system.

To add Map My Relationships control on the form, follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate to Advanced Settings on gear icon on top right --> Settings --> Customizations.

  • Go to Customize the System.

  • Click on Entities --> Select the entity.

  • Expand selected entity --> Click and open the Form to add Map My Relationships view.

  • Next step is to bind Map My Relationships control to any text field. For this, got to Field Explorer --> Click on New Field.

  • Fill in the required details --> Click on Save & Close.

Note: : New field of type text is required to bind Map My Relationships control. The field does not hold any data.

  • Go to Insert --> Create new tab.

  • Click on new tab --> Name the tab --> Click on OK.

  • Drag and Drop the new text field to the newly created tab.

  • Click on text field --> Go to Controls --> Click on 'Add Controls' button.

  • Scroll down and select Map My Relationships control --> Click on Add.

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