There are chances that half way through subscription customer may want to cancel the subscription. In such cases, depending upon the policy adopted by the organizations two options are made available in the ‘Refund Mode’ field in Subscription Schedule – No Refund & Issue Credit Memo.

No Refund – Subscription will be cancelled.

Issue Credit Memo – Subscription will be cancelled and negative Invoice will be generated with the prorated amount.

How to cancel subscriptions:

  • Go to Subscription Schedule --> Select the schedule --> Click on ‘Deactivate’ button.

  • A dialog box will appear --> Click on ‘Deactivate’.

  • After the subscription is cancelled, a new prorated negative invoice is generated for the remaining period. This is the credit memo which states the amount due to the customer.

In case a Subscription Schedule consists of more than one Subscription Lines and the customer wants to opt out of a single product, then you can only cancel the subscription line rather than cancelling the entire Subscription Schedule.

On cancelling the parent product, it will also cancel their respective add-ons.

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