Store Chat History in Chat Sessions

WhatsApp4Dynamics provides the functionality to store chat history in chat sessions. This means that when you communicate with customers your WhatsApp Business Account from within the CRM, the entire conversation history is recorded and stored as a chat session.

Users can maintain WhatsApp chat history associated to each Record with Dynamics 365 CRM and track communication.

  • To means the customer/partner with whom you would be chatting.

  • Regarding defines the associated Record. (Record that was created from within the Chat UI)

  • “Start /End Date & Time” will be mentioned for each session. (Each chat session will be maintained for 24 hours as per UTC Standard Time.)

  • Configuration describes from which WhatsApp channel you are communicating.

Below is a screenshot showcasing the listicle view of the chat sessions.

Chat History can also be accessed from within the Chat UI.

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