Setting up Common Operations

User Adoption Monitor helps to track common user actions in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Given below are the steps to track CRUD operations in Dynamics 365 CRM.

  • Navigate to User Adoption Monitor App --> Manage Entity Action.

  • Once you click the Manage Entity Action button, a screen opens listing the most commonly used OOB Entities and Actions. It also lists all the available custom entities and actions. Apart from that, it allows you to enable tracking of the most commonly performed Actions on any entity like Create, Update, Delete and Assign.

Note: Sample entity tracking configurations are shipped and installed along with the product.

Here, you can specify, which actions need to be tracked per entity in a customized manner. To specify it, just click on the red circle (O) for the period you would like it to be tracking information to be summarized by.

Let us understand what these terms None, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly specifies;

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