Auto Create Folder

Create customized folder structure within SharePoint to store CRM records. Download SharePoint Security Sync app from our website or Microsoft AppSource and Sign Up for 15 days free trial.

This feature allows users to create folder structure in the respective SharePoint Site with the help of workflow. The ‘Auto Create Folder’ field on the entity configuration form serves this purpose.

By default the field is set to ‘No’. The user has to select ‘Yes’ from the dropdown of Auto Create Folder to create folder structure in SharePoint Site. To create the folder automatically, the user has to first create a workflow or can use Power Automate as well and call the AutoCreateFolderStructure action.

Follow the steps given below to create a workflow.

  • Navigate to Advance settings --> Processes --> Select ‘+New’.

  • Give an appropriate name to the workflow --> For ‘Category’ select ‘Workflow’ --> Choose the entity for which you want to create folders automatically --> Click on Ok.

  • As per business requirement this workflow can be run for different events.

  • Click on ‘Add Step’.

  • Next, select Perform Action step.

  • Then from the dropdown select the AutoCreateFolderStructure action as shown below:

  • Click on Set Properties --> Select Account and Record URL(dynamic) in the ‘Look for’ section --> Click on Save and Close.

  • Activate the workflow.

Once the workflow is activated, based on the triggering event, the record will be created in SharePoint. By Auto Create folder, feature user will be able to create a folder in SharePoint without hitting the Attach2Dynamics button or Documents/ Files tab.

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