Easy-To-Use Messaging User Interface

TextSMS4Dynamics allows users to access an easy-to-use Messaging User Interface (UI) within the CRM environment. This enables users to initiate and manage message interactions with customers from a single platform.

Here are some key features that you can benefit from this integration:

  • Communicate directly from CRM Records

You can start sending message directly from CRM Records. This feature streamlines the process of interacting with clients and provides a convenient and familiar channel for direct communication, making it easier to manage and maintain customer relationships within the CRM system.

For Example: If you want to start a conversation with one of your contact using TextSMS4Dynamics.

  • Click on Contacts and select the Contact you want to communicate with.

  • Go to Message and send messages directly to your customers from the CRM.

Choose the configured number, Contact Template to start messaging or start a conversation using Message Box.

  • Using Contact Template

  • Using Message Box

Note: If you wish to view the Message UI within any of the CRM Records you would have to configure it beforehand.

  • Create CRM Record (OOB or any Custom Entity)

TextSMS4Dynamics offers a convenient feature that allows users to create CRM records directly from message conversations. This integration streamlines the process of capturing customer interactions and converting them into actionable CRM data, making it easier for businesses to manage their customer relationships effectively.

Create CRM records from message conversations, whether in an Out-of-the-Box (OOB) entity or a Custom Entity.

  • Suppose you want to Create Record from an ongoing conversation, then you can click on Case, Opportunity or any other configured entity.

As shown in the above screenshot, in case you would like to create Case from the above conversation.

  • Click on Create Record and Select Case

  • The main form of CRM will open up, fill the details and click on Save & Close to create a Case.

  • The Record created here will be set as ‘Regarding’ automatically for the related Message session.

You can now directly chat with the Case from the CRM Records as well.

Note: During the configuration process, Records set in ‘Allow To” will be listed in the Create Record button.

  • Supports multiple languages, emojis and image format in Message UI

TextSMS4Dynamics supports multiple languages, emojis and image format within its Message Interface (UI). This means that users can interact with customers using messages in their preferred language, along with files seamlessly within the CRM environment.

Users can send and receive messages in preferred language and emojis. As well as send images to enhance the overall user experience and accessibility.

As shown as the screenshot below.

And within the Message UI,

  • Here is a screenshot that shows a French text from a contact.

  • Here is a screenshot that shows an Image selected and delivered to a contact number.

  • Here is a screenshot that shows emojis selection and delivered to a contact number.


  • In a Message UI, we employ polling to fetch messages at regular intervals when a message is sent. However, if a user remains on the same page for an extended period, new messages will not be fetched until the user navigates to another page and opens a specific chat record.

  • We only support text messages & images.

For further queries, reach out to us at crm@inogic.com

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