Chat Notifications

Chat notifications in WhatsApp4Dynamics are the new incoming WhatsApp messages that you receive within the Dynamics platform. These notifications play a crucial role in keeping users informed, ensuring they can respond promptly to customer inquiries and other important messages.

While navigating from entity to entity, if you receive a notification, then the chat bubble on the right-hand side will notify the total count of unread chat messages.

Once you click the Chat Bubble, various buttons will be accessible through which you can directly go to the chat UI.

  • In case you receive a WhatsApp message for the first time in the CRM, you need to either Accept or Decline the Chat.

  • Once Accepted, future WhatsApp messages from the same contact will be prompted as View Chat.

  • Even if several CRM users have logged in, the View Chat button will only be displayed to the Chat Session Owner. However, if the chat exceeds the idle timeout period, which was configured on the configuration record, then other users will be prompted to assign the chat to themselves with the Assign Me button and Change Ownership by confirming Yes / No to continue chatting.

Note: WhatsApp notifications are fetched when the model-driven app is initially launched. However, if a user remains on a page for an extended period, new notifications will not be fetched until the user navigates to a different page.

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