Sharing SharePoint Site

If you want to share the SharePoint site with the users who doesn’t have access to the SharePoint site then, follow the steps given below. These are the steps taken from the point of view of user who is the SharePoint Site Owner.

  • Open the SharePoint site for which the user doesn’t have access --> Click on the Site contents tab.

  • Click on the Setting button on the top which is highlighted in the below screenshot --> Click on the Site Permissions.

  • Next, click on the Advanced permissions settings.

  • Now you will find three option from which you need to select the option {YourSiteName} Members.

  • Click on the New button dropdown --> Select Add Users Add users to this group.

  • Now enter 'Everyone except external users', you will automatically get the suggestion please select it.

  • After selecting the option, click on the Share button.

After sharing the site, the users will be able to access the site and will not get the permission issue from the Attach2Dynamics UI.

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