Revise Subscriptions through Opportunity/Quote/Order

Existing Subscription Schedules can also be revised through Opportunity/Quote/Order. For example, one of the customers has subscribed for the product at the starting of the month and wants to increase the subscriber count from midway through the month. Here, you can create a new opportunity record and revise the subscription schedule through it.

Follow the steps given below, to revise Subscription Schedule through Opportunity:

  • Navigate to Subscription and Recurring Billing Management app --> Billings --> Opportunities --> Click on +New.

  • Enter basic details like name, bill to customer and click on save.

  • Now, go to Subscription Management tab --> Select the existing subscription schedule --> Click on Save. Once the subscription schedule is selected, it is deemed that it is to going to be revised.

  • Now go to product lines --> Add the product -> Revise the subscriber count as per customer requirement --> Click on Save.

Here, the existing subscriber count is shown as 20 and the customer wanted to add additional 100 users. Now the total subscriber count will become 120.

  • Now close this opportunity as won.

  • Next, click on ‘Convert to Subscription Schedule’ button.

  • The subscription schedule is now revised.

Note: Similarly, Subscription Schedules can be revised through Quote and Order as well.

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